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The Plan

It's time to begin 2023! January has started, so I suppose I am a little late. This is typical for me; maybe that is something I should add to this plan—a month of being on time for things. My goal for 2023 will be to have one entire month of something I am uncomfortable with or don't take the time to do in general. If you'd like to join me, please do! Below is my outline for the rest of 2023 and a few rules I have given myself for each month.

I have also decided to have one full-year goal if you will. That is to move my body for 20 minutes per day. I will not restrict the movement to anything specific; it could be dancing, walking, or working out - you get the idea.

Each month will have a blog post, so I can share how it went and any realizations I have had.



January: Stay Sober

This one speaks for itself, but my rule is no substances. This, for me, is alcohol.

February: Nightly Routine

I will go to bed each night at 9:30, wash my face, and meditate or read.

March: No Meat

I think this one is pretty clear, too. Mainly, I am going to learn to cook without meat exclusively.

April: Practice Yoga

Try a new yoga routine daily.

May: No Makeup

This month is about focusing on my skincare and relying less on makeup to feel beautiful.

June: New Class

I plan to take one new class per week in June. This could be an in-person class or an online class.

July: No Dairy

Absolutely, NO dairy. Including cooking at home and eating out of the house.

August: Ted Talk

I will listen to a 20 - 30 minute Ted Talk on a new topic daily.

September: New Dinner

This month I will try or cook something I have never had before.

October: Grocery Shopping

The grocery store and I will become acquainted on an in-person basis.

November: New Outfits

No, I am not buying a new outfit for each day. However, I must put together outfits that I usually wouldn't think to wear. Pinterest will be leading this effort to help with ideas.

December: Declutter/Donate

Clean out one room per week this month. Donate everything that we no longer want.

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